To Leighsted from Fuson
Day 16

We were attacked by 10 Sagon which were easily handled by the hired hands, Kenjio and Caddis.

I have noticed Caddis taking things a little more cautiosly.

Day 8 through 15

Passed through a few large towns with no events. I spoke more with Caddis and Kenjio about their journeys.

On the 15th night we are 3 days out of Leighsted. I am still taking my negligence of not turning the creature that killed Caddis.

Day 7

In the morning we arrived back in Taster to sell Caddis’s supplies to have him revived.

He did come back. I traded my breastplate for Caddis’s Chain Shirt, to give him the added protection.

Sam took off to try to make it on his own, while Candi decided to keep on with Caddis and continue her training.

Malril hired four more guards. and we continued on to Leighsted.

Day 6

We were attacked by a Bonewing last night during Caddis’s watch. He did not survive. I am not sure how much I could have helped. I believe he was dead before I could have reached him. It will haunt me for some time thinking about what might have happened had I not put on my armor (which I ended up leaving in the cart anyway).

By the time I got out to the battle Caddis was dead. I am not sure as to why I did not try to turn the creature, but instead cast some spells on Kenjio, who ultimately defeated the creture with assistance from Elwll and Malril.

I comforted Sam and Candi as much as possible. Candi seemed to be taking the death of her master much more badly than Sam. She did not leave my side the rest of the evening.

I cannot help but feel at fault for his death. Am I becoming as arrogant as those I dispise?

Day 5

Woke this morning and prayed at the temple and picked up more healing scrolls.

Eric ended up challenging Caddis to a dual with practice swords,which was a good thing as Caddis was easily beaten and knocked unconcious. I planned on discussing his arrogance with him later; however I did hear him say it was a lesson learned and will decide how to approach and speak to him on this.

We camped for the night. I have second watch tonight after Caddis. I will talk to him when he wakes me for my watch.

Day 4

Was awaken last night by one of Caddis’s people stating that he wanted to see me. When questioned why I was told he only told me his master wished to see me. Foolishly, I went to see Caddis without any protection. Upon meeting with him he told me he had heard something in the dark and wished for me to see if I could see anything, and he pointed out into the trees. As if waiting for that instant, we were bombarded with spears thrown by orcs. Luckily neither of us was hit; but I was able to determine we were very outnumbered. Caddis advanced a few yards ahead as I yelled for someone to bring me my armor. I then lit a stick and tossed it just ahead of Caddis. The orcs closest to the stick immediately moved back into the darkness away from the light, and I shouted for someone to bring me my armor.

They rest is a bit of a blur and a bit out of order, but at some point a couple of the orcs fell asleep, I am assuming because of some spell by Elwll, and Kenjio ran past and obliterated the skull of one of them while Caddis plunged his sword into the other. A gruesome sight for those unaccustomed to battle. Both Caddis and Kenjio took off into the night, Caddis on his horse and Kenjio on foot. Kenjio is turning out to be a very curious fellow indeed, as he was able to keep up with Caddis on his horse.
I put my armor on although I have no idea who brought it to me or even putting it on.

I let Caddis know the light would not last much longer and he began to shout orders to start fires. I ran back to the wagon and grabbed my weapons and found Kenjio and told him not to leave my side, so I could give him an edge when the my light ran out and the orcs returned.

When the light did go out, the orcs wasted little time in coming back. I cast what I could on him that I thought may aid him and then told him to go. I then watched him enter the fray with no weapons or armor, that I could see anyway. He was taking on 4 to 5 of the orcs himself.

Caddis in the meantime entered the fray and was taking on just as many as Kenjio. They had both taken out two of the orcs each, when one of the orcs got lucky and struck Kenjio, what looked to be pretty sever, though it did not appear to phase Kenjio very much. I approached Kenjio and did what I could to heal him. He was moving so much, I was not able to assist him as I normally would, but he was able to continue to fight. Caddis on the other hand appeared to be the only one dealing damage in his battle. He comes off as very arrogant; however is very capable of backing it up.

I heard a commotion on the other side of the wagons. Knob, the dog, was barking like crazy. We had our hands full on this side and I hoped the men on the other side were able to keep the orcs on their side at bay. Then there was a loud growl and the dog went quiet. Kenjio finished off the orcs as had Caddis with the help of Elwll.

From between two of the carts, a huge bear pushed through and approached Elwll. Two of the men from the other side came around and began shooting the bear with their bows. Kenjio rushed up to the bear and began beating it and Caddis approached from the other side. Kenjio was struck again, but as I was standing next to him so I was able to get him stable once again. I was able to get a shot in with my own bow, before Caddis was struck and went down. I was beginning to make my way over to Caddis when the bear decided to leave on its own and rushed out of camp. I did a quick heal of Caddis to make sure he stabilized, then started checking on everyone else.

Spoke to Caddis this morning once he was up about my concerns with his decision making during the battle last night. This is what I told him:

“You did a fine job in the battle, and only made a couple of mistakes. The six fires was a little much, but I wanted to see were you went with that. Also you need to remember to take a potion between fights. You were a little weak when you decided to take on the bear, and a cure light wound have helped you out a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that I healed you, I just want to help.

I believe you will make a great leader one day, but only if you learn from past experiences and improper decision making. I also realize you are trying to make a good impression for the children, but you need to recognize your own limitations."

Once arriving in Taster and procuring room at the hotel recommended by Malril (Orphans), visited Non Forsaken Temple – all denominational temple, to familiarize myself with the way there for the next days prayers. After my visit to the temple, I walked around the city, visiting with the people, and purchasing supplies.

While eating dinner, Caddis inadvertantly upset Eric of Leighsted, and ended up with a ‘meeting’ with Eric tomorrow morning. Kenjio and Elwll, both enjoyed the chants of the crowd, although I believe Kenjio was caught up in the moment, and Elwll did it because that is just how he is. Since Caddis was still in need of medical assistance, I used one of the newly purchased scrolls I picked up from the temple earlier. The went to bed and will go to the temple in the morning.

Day 3

Another good night and day, no events. Spoke more with Kenjio. I am trying to get a better read on Caddis, he seems to keep to himself. He seems a bit sure of himself and as long as he can back it up, that is fine. I will make an effort to get to speak with him tomorrow.

Caddis and his people will have watch tonight to allow Elwll and I to get some rest. I am hoping it goes the same as the previous evening.

Day 2

After my morning prayers, we left for Leightsted. I spoke to Kenjio most of the trip about where he is from and about his culture, and in turn told him about me. He is amazed by the things most take for granted.

The day was uneventful, and one of Caddis’s party made dinner for the group. I have first watch tonight, hopefully the evening will be just as uneventful as the day.

Copper Coin Inn – Fuson
Day 1

Was chatting with Elwll at the Copper Coin Inn, when Malril came flying in, ranting abut how he was glad to see us, and he absolutely needed help. I remember thinking ’he is assuming that some of our past party members were still around. Unfortunately, after the last job he had for us, we all went our separate ways. Since Elwll and I are pretty anemic when it comes to one on one physical combat, we had decided to stay in Fuson. We planned on getting on with another party once we had a couple days of rest.

There were a few others in the inn at the time, one being a curious fellow that had been keeping to himself until he heard that help was needed, then injected himself into the conversation saying he wanted to help. He spoke kinda funny, but seemed not only eager to help, but also learn. If we do end up traveling with him, I will make it a point to get to know more about him.

After speaking with Elwll and I in private, Malril recruited the curious fellow, whose named I later found out to be Kenjio, and a fortress of a man, named Caddis and his entourage. Caddis had already been at the inn when I had arrived.

Malril said we would be leaving early in the morning, so I prepared my belongings before heading to bed.


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